Elevating Artists into the Metaverse

Sublimes is a generative collection of 1,111 abstract queens who live in different dimensions of the metaverse.

The abstract elements in their look comes from the fact that we can only perceive some fragments of their dimensions.

It is a collaboration between NFT visionary WorldNFTs and artist Kaloian Toshev - MZK.

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It’s like a roadmap
but bigger & better

Launchpad for Artists

We facilitate the process of finding upcoming talented artists, help them gain exposure to a wider audience, invest in their art with a community wallet, and connect them to a highly curated community of art collectors who are looking for the next big gem.

11,111 = 10,000 + 1,000 + 100 + 10 + 1







0.1 ETH

Mint Limit

3 per transaction


24h after mint ends

Secondary Market




Private Sale

15 Dec 22:00 UTC

Public Sale

16 Dec 22:00 UTC


Greatest NFTs

World's Greatest NFTs or World as we all call him is a true NFT OG and already part of NFT history.

His actions speak more than a thousand words - more than 10,000 (yes 10k) artists and art projects have been featured on his profile! World's profile is curated by his big heart and thirst for quality art and you can always find hidden gems scrolling through it. His vision is at the center of our big mission - to support artists reach their true potential and enter the Metaverse.

IRL World has more than 10 years entrepreneurial experience, runs a craft soft drinks production company and spends his free time being an awesome dad.


Kaloian is an Artist, Illustrator & Designer on a mission to bring more beauty to the world.

Passionate about female beauty and expressing it through digital art, aesthetics in design and in life, technologies and the way they impact art. Co-founder of several startups in the HR tech space, productivity, and design.

He is also into extreme sports, actively practicing snowboarding, motocross, kite surf and martial arts (Ving Tsun).


Nick is an entrepreneur and a Forbes 30-under-30 honoree.

He co-founded an educational company based on the mind mapping technique, a hardware and machine learning start up providing automatic video highlights of sport games, and a holistic productivity company helping people manage their priorities and personal energy.

Nick also coordinated an accelerator programme in London funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering to provide emerging leaders with access to high-quality skills training and a network of peers in UK and around the world.


Alex is a crypto enthusiast and a passionate business dev guy.

He did business development for a karting telemetry start up were he managed to find and secure 18 distributors world-wide with the product still in development. He was also a project manager of an ETH mining farm where he managed to build 120 machines and 3 server rooms in 6 months from scratch.

Alex is a passionate racing driver, golfer, and snowboarder. Father of 3 (twins+1) girl Dragons.

The Last NFT

The Last NFT Samurai is a master strategist and our marketing guru.

He has been a professional poker player for the past 7+ years and switched to crypto trading in 2021. He is also into gaming, Ving Tsun, and of course, warrior culture.

He is a proud father of 2 boys and in his free time he likes to train and spend time with the family.


Anton is an entrepreneur who co-founded an educational company for accelerated learning and later a hardware and machine learning start up providing automatic video highlights of sport games.

He is also a co-founder of one of the first early stage pre-acceleration programs in Europe for educating young people how to start innovative companies.

He is a Forbes 30-under-30 honoree for 2015 and receiver of New Europe 100 Innovators award for CEE region for 2016 organized by Google Ventures and Financial times.


Christi is a master in social psychology hardened with 7 years in event management, 20+ years of experience in building gaming communities and 17 years developing social competences in and outside social bubbles.

Multi cultural abstract connector for the Metaverse. Whiskey and NFTs connoisseur and ambassador. Both IRL and in WEB 3.0. The not so usual missing link between trend setters and first adopters. NFT Art lover by day. NFT Art lover by night. Ex-Normie.


mrrobot is a tech entrepreneur by definition, blockchain software developer by choice, privacy activist by need.

He is involved with some of the well known top 100 projects in the blockchain space and a Forbes 30-under-30 honoree.

In DeFi since Bitcoin, he also serves as a blockchain technology expert in the European Commission.


Polly is the founder of a web design studio and an active member of her local startup ecosystem.

She is the initiator of a national female entrepreneurship organization which supports women in creating and managing companies as well as facilitating knowledge sharing and ideas exchange.

Polly is also a math lover, spreadsheets geek, avid traveller, an art enthusiast restoring old furniture with history and a retired MMORPG clan leader.


Ivelin is a product-minded Solidity/Web3 engineer who lives in the intersection between art and technology.

He has more than 13 years of experience in well known large enterprises and startup companies.

Ivelin is a decentralization and freedom devotee, “ponzi” scheme researcher and ex-entrepreneur listed in Forbes 30-under-30.


KRND is a front-end software developer and a crypto enthusiast.

He is working on applications that bring the “magic” of the blockchain right to your screen like a crypto wallet, blockchain based social network, blockchain explorer and analytics platform.

He is into calisthenics, cooking and gaming. Proud owner of five cats.

Alexi Ned

Alexi is full-time crypto investor focusing on fundamental analysis since 2014. He is currently Principal at AU21 Capital.

He has a background in tech and chemistry. He holds a PhD in chemistry and has published 18 peer-reviewed papers.

Alexi has co-founded and served as CTO at Buzzstarter Inc / Traction Labs.


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